English Cottage Inspired Office / Family Room

Testing, testing. Is this thing on?

This is my first blog post on Holland Avenue Home in over a year. I’ve missed this space a lot. I’ve shared about our new Kentucky home here and there on Instagram, but my heart has always been here on the blog where I can tell you the whole story and share all the photos, you know?

There have been a few projects in our new home over the last year, but I’m sharing the first one with you today. Our English Cottage inspired office/family room combo. We’re affectionately calling it “The Snug” (a British slang term for “enjoying or affording comforting warmth and shelter especially in a small space”).

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Patio Makeover with Better Homes & Gardens

*This post is written in partnership with Better Homes & Gardens. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own! I love partnering with brands who share my passion for affordable and accessible home decor. *

Hi, friends!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have noticed that this is pretty strictly an interior design blog (with a heavy focus on interior, and convenient exclusion of anything considered “exterior”). Outdoor stuff is just not my forte.

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Bookshelf Makeover Part 2

Hi, friends! Last week, I shared my plans for a “Sanity Check Refresh” to give me something fun to do during this season of staying home during Covid-19. I planned to paint and style my large thrifted bookshelves to suit their new home in our living room. This led to me giving our home office a refresh since moving the bookshelves opened up a bunch of space. I haven’t finished the office refresh yet since I’m waiting on a few pieces to arrive in the mail. But the bookshelves are finished and I am so happy with them!

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Low Budget Pantry Makeover with Leftover Paint and $20 of Organization Supplies

Hi, everyone! Today, I have a quick and easy, low-budget pantry makeover to share with you. I see gorgeous walk-in pantries all the time on social media and in magazines, and I have to admit they usually make me jealous. The beautifully organized and meticulously labeled containers have previously seemed like a reality that only exists in my pantry dreams. We have this closet-like cabinet as a pantry, and it has been a source of frustration for me. It is dark, deep, and food seems to disappear, never to be seen again (until I inevitably discover it long after it expired, where it then takes a one-way trip to the garbage). I didn’t have smart organization for our tricky pantry, and it was causing me to be wasteful.

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How-to Repurpose an Antique Table as a Kitchen Island: Thrift Shop Challenge

Hi, everyone! I’m writing today to share about my latest project as part of a Thrift Shop Challenge with a few other bloggers. The goal of the challenge is to breathe new life into a secondhand treasure, and to share the process with our followers. I chose to restore an antique wooden table to use as a kitchen island. I’ll walk you through the process I used to restore the wood and make this piece more functional with a set of caster wheels.

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