Bookshelf Makeover Part 1

Hi, everyone! What a crazy week it has been. Ben and I are self-quarantined/social distancing by choice for at least the rest of this week, and being cooped up has given me a fresh drive to tackle a few projects.

I scored these two large bookshelves on Facebook Marketplace last year for $75 each. They are huge, sturdy, and have lights behind the shelves. I liked the white, but they were pretty beat up in some places and needed a fresh coat of paint.

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 8.03.43 PM

I bought these shelves for our office/library/tiny room off of our living room, but decided to see what they would look like on the opposite side of this wall in the actual living room. That led to a series of very fortunate events, where I decided to paint the shelves with some paint I had on hand.

I started painting the shelves with Duke Gray by Magnolia Paints, which I purchased at Ace Hardware. When the paint is finished curing, I will style them with my favorite books and knick-knacks, and share some shelf styling tips with you!60617140288__D7281080-0A4F-489A-AFC7-3C1226620D69

I had multiple other things I could’ve done with my time yesterday when I worked on these, but I needed to unplug for a few hours to do something mindless and therapeutic like painting. I love seeing instant progress, and find joy in the simple task of making an old thing new again! It was a relaxing way to spend my day, and I’m looking forward to styling and re-styling these shelves that have already brought a fun pop of color to our living room.

This “Sanity Check Refresh” is part of a blog hop with a few blogging friends, so be sure to check out what projects they’re tackling to keep themselves sane while the world around us shuts down!

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