I live in rural Iowa with my husband, Ben, who is a pastor. I love creating. Writing this blog, painting, playing the violin, and creating cozy and beautiful spaces in our home are a few of my favorite ways to create.

We live in a 1910 craftsman home with as much charm as there is woodwork. Living in our first house has helped me learn the importance of intention, the joy behind simple tasks, and the pleasure of making a house a home.

This blog (my home on the internet) is an invitation to thoughtful homemaking. Louisa May Alcott said that, “The simplest of tasks get beautified if loving hands do them.” No matter where you find yourself living, you will also find yourself in the middle of many “simple tasks”. It is my hope that Holland Avenue will encourage you to pursue thoughtful homemaking and inspire you to perform the simplest of tasks with loving hands.

With love,

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