Finishing Touches: One Room Challenge Week 5

If you’re finding me through the One Room Challenge, welcome to my home on the internet! I’m Avery and I live in a charming 1910 Craftsman style home in rural Iowa with my husband. You can learn more about me here, and see some of my previous design work in my kitchen, and my Fall 2018 One Room Challenge: Cozy Eclectic Master Bedroom Reveal. My design style is cozy, whimsical, and collected. You can follow along with my homemaking adventures on the Holland Avenue Home Instagram.

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I wasn’t able to make much progress in the porch, because the epoxy floors needed to cure all week prior to placing the furniture and rugs. I did make progress in other ways, but those projects will have to wait until the reveal next week! I’m pulling together my final styling elements, and plan to style and shoot the space TOMORROW! I will incorporate plenty of vintage accents with soul to add warmth and charm to a space that came together in a quick six weeks.


The main thing I accomplished this week was dyeing my white Ikea curtains with Rit Dye, and customizing them with pleating hooks. (I’ll share a full post about this DIY after the reveal. It will be a nerdy curtain party!)


The other progress was finally painting the window trim. The windows are black, and the white trim seemed to accentuate the fact that the windows are not white. The white trim made the windows look out of place, so I decided to make the black windows a statement instead! I’m really happy with the dramatic punch that the black trim delivers. If you have an element in your space that looks like it is out of place, consider turning it into a statement. My Mom taught me the importance of having black accents for contrast in home decor. If you’re choosing paint or furniture colors and usually choose white by default, consider choosing black instead. A tasteful touch of black paint can keep things interesting, and will provide contrast and drama for the same price as white paint.


You can follow along on the Holland Avenue Home Instagram and Instagram Stories for behind-the-scenes progress before it comes to the blog. I’ll be sharing weekly updates here on my blog, and you can get reminders every time a post goes live through entering your email into the “brighten my inbox” tab to the right of this post.

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Thanks for following along, and stay tuned for next week’s BIG REVEAL!

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Catch up on all six weeks of the Spring 2019 One Room Challenge

Week 1: High Style, Low Budget Sunroom Transformation

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Week 3: The Power of Paint

Week 4: DIY $150 Bed Swing and Painted Concrete Floors

Week 5: Finishing Touches

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8 thoughts on “Finishing Touches: One Room Challenge Week 5

  1. You’re progress pics are too pretty 🙂 I totally agree about making a blemish into a design statement! I use that same idea when a client is trying to match an existing fabric or finish, but it’s not quite right. I always advise to do something totally different to look like an intentional design decision rather than trying to make it work. I have lots of finishing to do in my laundry room for the challenge, including a curtain, as well. GL!!

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