High Style, Low Budget Sunroom Transformation: One Room Challenge Week 1

If you’re finding me through the One Room Challenge, welcome to my home on the internet! I’m Avery and I live in a charming 1910 Craftsman style home in rural Iowa with my husband. You can learn more about me here, and see some of my previous design work in my kitchen, and my Fall 2018 One Room Challenge: Cozy Eclectic Master Bedroom Reveal. My design style is cozy, whimsical, and collected. You can follow along with my homemaking adventures on the Holland Avenue Home Instagram.

For this round of the One Room Challenge, I will be transforming our sunroom!

This space has incredible potential, and will be a dream come true once it is given a little love (and a lot of white paint). It is on the front of our house, and has three walls of windows. It is a “three-seasons” porch, meaning it is too cold to use in the winter. But for the glorious warmer months, we put this space to work for morning coffee, hosting friends in the evenings, and every excuse we can find in between.

For those of you that have been around Holland Avenue for a while, the “Before” of this space is the beloved “Granny Porch”. This space was (and still is) very sad underneath, so I created a temporary fix to add some cheer through bright colors and vintage decor from our wedding. We bought a mustard yellow floral couch for $30 on Facebook, which gave the sunroom some much needed “sunshine”. The space was fun, but the bones of it were still dreary. I plan to give this room new life through fresh paint, warm textiles, and a cozy bed swing. Here is a “before” photo of the “Granny Porch”.


It is definitely “fun”, but I’m hoping to give it a more sophisticated (yet cozy and comfortable) upgrade. I’ll be focusing my energy on the far end that used to have the yellow couch, but the other end with my mid-century gingham furniture will be getting some love, too. This porch is 9×30, and presents some unique design challenges because of the long and narrow layout.

The “Granny Porch” served its purpose of concealing my half-finished paint job and the unpainted concrete floors, but a sad scene remains underneath all of the granny chic glory.

Here is a more recent view of what the porch looks like without anything to cover up the bones (and my less-than-half-finished paint job).

IMG_6774 2.jpg copyIMG_6775 copy

In a word? Rough. In another word? Potential. 

I believe that paint is the easiest and most affordable way to completely transform a room, and I plan to put that belief to work in this space.

The first step of transforming this room will be finishing my white paint job with the help of a friend who is a pro, and painting the concrete floors in a refreshing light grey.

After that, I plan to build a bed swing with the help of my awesome brother-in-law.

There will be plenty of other DIY and affordable elements (like the wood stumps I am getting for FREE), and I will also be taking advantage of a few blogger “perks” in the form of sponsored products. (Companies regularly “advertise” through bloggers, and will send us free product in exchange for advertising. I limit the number of advertising partnerships I take on, and am committed to only showing you products I either already use and love, or have specifically chosen with my mission and readers in mind.)

Enough “telling”… let’s get to the “showing”! I’ve tweaked this plan so many times over the last month, but allow me to reveal my final design plan for my “High Style, Low Budget Sunroom Transformation”!

One Room Challenge Final Design Plan

It will be a lot of work, but I am excited to finally give this space the love it deserves. I’m planning to include warm colors and textures to create a sophisticated-yet-comfortable lounge space. I’ve already received a few of the elements in the moodboard, and a few of the pieces are coming from other places in my home (because #budget). This design is what I am working towards, but certain elements may be tweaked and refined along the way. I hope you will follow along with me as I transform this sunroom through resourceful and attainable projects, and that you will be given the confidence to work with what you have to tackle a space of your own.

Be sure to follow Holland Avenue Home on Instagram for plenty of behind-the-scenes posts and sneak peeks of my progress. I’ll be sharing weekly updates here on my blog, and you can get reminders every time a post goes live through entering your email into the “brighten my inbox” tab to the right of this post.

Don’t forget to check out the design plans of the Featured Designers and other Guest Designers on the One Room Challenge Blog. 

Thanks for following along, and stay tuned for a High Style, Low Budget transformation!

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