Welcome to Holland Avenue Home!

This blog, my home on the internet, is an invitation to thoughtful homemaking. I love being resourceful and thrifty with decor and styling, and I want to help you do the same! Everything you’ll see here on Holland Avenue is written with the goal of helping you love your home. You’ll find posts with encouragement to love where you live, along with tips and tricks for styling your home with special pieces you already have.

You might occasionally see me promoting companies or products, but I promise that this blog will never be a billboard. If I’m sharing something with you, it’s because I’ve decided it’s worth sharing. I will not use this space to promote unhealthy consumer habits.

I want to encourage thoughtfulness and resourcefulness in all areas of homemaking, including decorating. If we’re already going to be doing certain things (like decorating and meal planning and dressing ourselves), we might as well be doing them as thoughtfully, intentionally, and frugally as possible. So sometimes, if I find a product or company that I really love, I’ll share it with you.

Most of the furniture and decor sources in my home can’t be tagged, because about 75% of everything you’ll see is thrifted or secondhand. I’ll share sources whenever I can, but I want to encourage you to create a home YOU love with special treasures YOU discover.

If you’re new to Holland Avenue, I’d recommend reading my current series, HomeMade. If you’ve ever felt like your interior style isn’t clear, or your home is full of random decor that you don’t love, this series is for you. I’m walking through how to discover your interior style, how to edit your home to reflect your style and serve your family, and how to make smarter purchasing decisions in the future.

Here are all of the posts in the series so far!

Does Your Home Have A Recipe?

Writing Your Home Recipe

I’ll be writing more in this series in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned for more!



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