One Woman’s Trash… Is Another Woman’s Chair

“The Trash Chair” (as we are now calling it) found a home in our kitchen nook today.

It was lovingly named “The Trash Chair” because we picked it up off of the curb on our town’s junk day! My husband spotted it on his drive to work and then came back home to pick me up and go see it. (Our town is only one mile wide so turning around on a drive isn’t that big of a deal 😂). I saw it and immediately started reaching to put it in the car.

It is surprisingly comfy! This is the fourth mustard yellow armchair in our house, but as far as looks go, she might just be my favorite. Dainty, yet strong. The perfect shade of mustard yellow. Not too green, not too orange. Just pure mustard velvet goodness with a side of tufting.

I can’t believe someone was throwing it away!

I witnessed the garbage men coming around to collect furniture on my street yesterday. They pick up whatever is on your curb with a giant scoop, and dump it into the back of a giant trailer, then smoosh it down with the blade of the scoop. Large recliners and wooden furniture were coming apart like they were a house of cards! It was kind of amazing to watch, but also very sad to me. Sure, some of it is actually “trash” that can’t be rescued. But a lot of things I saw on the curb could either be used by someone in need or repurposed and given new life in another home. Barely any of our furniture is brand new, because I see the value in repurposing and restoring and adding value to things that are “pre-loved”. (Unless it smells funny. Always leave it behind if it smells funny).

I’m glad we rescued The Trash Chair from its impending fate of being smooshed.

It adds the perfect pop of color and vintage goodness to this corner of the kitchen. You know what they say… one woman’s trash is another woman’s new favorite chair! Er… something like that!

Do you have a favorite piece you’ve repurposed or rescued from a landfill?

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