DIY Christmas Terrariums

Christmas decorating is in full swing over at our house, and a trip to the thrift store resulted in an idea for an affordable, customizable Christmas DIY! I found three glass vases for $4 total, and decided to create tiny winter wonderlands using things I already had on hand.

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Minimal and Whimsical Christmas Decor DIY: Family Photo Santa Hats

A few days ago, I was thinking about how I could incorporate Christmas decor into our home without spending money or accumulating more stuff.

I like to go around the house and subtract some year-round decor before adding in the Christmas decorations so things don’t feel too cluttered. I removed a lot of decorative objects, but I kept all of our artwork and family photos.

Then I had a million dollar idea that I knew I could execute for zero dollars.

Santa hats on family photos.

I used supplies I had around the house to add a whimsical Christmasy touch to the decor we already had. It isn’t more stuff, but it is Christmas decor. Instead of junking up my shelves and flat surfaces with Christmasy things, I decided to add a festive touch to the “decor” we have all year! It was free, so simple, and I think it is pretty hilarious.

This post is less of a “how-to” and more of an “I did this and you can, too!”

image 3.jpg

I grabbed a framed wedding photo from our living room shelf, and my favorite vintage bird poster that hangs above our bar cart. (The link to the poster is an Amazon affiliate link, which means I will make a small percent commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase anything on Amazon through my link!)


I remembered I had this pom pom garland that I made with felt balls my Mom gave me. I took the white felt balls off of the garland to use on the hats for the wedding photo.

You can do this however you want, but I used red construction paper, white cardstock, and two felt balls.


I laid the red construction paper over the photo to measure out the width and overall size for the hats.


After cutting out the red part, I put them over the white cardstock to use as a reference for the size of the white trim.


After I had all three pieces, I taped the white trim onto the red hat, the pom pom onto the top, and the whole thing onto the glass frame! I couldn’t find any glue in the house, but if you have glue, I would recommend using it to secure your pom poms.

image 3

Because I only had two white pom poms, I used white cardstock for the birds’ hats.


I don’t know about you, but I think that tiny birds wearing tiny hats is hilarious.

This project was free, easy, and adds a festive and comical Christmas touch to decor we already had! Knock yourself out making Santa hats for family photos, art prints, or anything else inside a glass frame. I have a few pieces of vintage art (without glass) that would be hilarious with Santa hats on the people, but I don’t want to damage the vintage prints.

That’s all I have for today, but I wanted to share my idea with you! I have a few other Christmasy posts coming soon, so stay tuned for those! To be reminded when new posts go live, enter your email in the “brighten your inbox” tab to the right.

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