Our Controversial Kitchen Rug


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When I finally pressed “publish” on the post about our DIY kitchen update, I didn’t expect the overwhelming response I would receive. I put many hours into designing, sourcing, painting, and loving that room from top to bottom. Since I published the post a little over two months ago, it has been viewed thousands of times and been featured on Apartment Therapy, Buzzfeed, and various foreign home decorating and news websites.

Most of the response was very positive and encouraging. My favorite comments were from the people that were inspired to do similar projects in their own homes. The one kind of response that surprised me, and was much more present than I expected, was the rug-haters.

I can’t tell you how many comments I read that said things like “who the hell puts a rug in the kitchen?” or “I hope you buy your carpet cleaner in bulk”. One of my personal favorites was “just wait ’til someone drops lasagna on that pretty carpet”. (Still no lasagna on my carpet, but I will be very cautious with any subsequent lasagnas) Another observant commenter informed me that the rug in my photo was crooked. #thanks

My point in sharing all of this is to say that the internet is full of endless, differing opinions. For every negative comment scolding me about the dangers of a rug in the kitchen, there were five comments asking me where I bought it. I bought the 9×12 rug online from Wayfair.

When I went searching for the link this morning, everything directed me to the “area rug” section of Wayfair instead of the exact rug. I was quite worried, and decided the rug must be out of stock. After some moping and a quick text to my husband with the sad news, I did some scouting to find the rugs that are the most similar in style, pattern, color, and price. Thankfully, it is not out of stock! I finally found the exact link again, and have fixed the original links.

So if you loved the rug we chose and were hoping to purchase it yourself, here are links to some similar alternatives, and our exact rug at the end!

Number One

Number Two

Number Three

Number Four

Number Five (I think this one is the closest match)

Number Six

Number Seven

Number Eight


Last, but certainly not least…

Our Kitchen Rug is the Bungalow Rose Iris Area Rug. Ours is a 9×12, but they have other sizes, too!

Here are some photos of the rug in our kitchen.

I love the colors and the pattern and the soft cozy feel of the rug on my feet. We have not spilled anything on the rug, and I vacuum it every couple of days. We knew that spills would be a very real possibility, and decided that we were okay with that. So far, we’ve been pretty careful and haven’t had any accidents. But if that happens, I’m not going to freak out or lose sleep over the welfare a physical thing. It is a rug. We walk on it. It might get dirty, and I’m very okay with that possibility. In the mean time, we enjoy the coziness and color that it adds to our kitchen. I don’t regret the decision and I would totally do it again!

Thanks for reading! If you missed the first post about our kitchen update, you can find the Before + After here, and the sources and process here

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