Styling a “Bar Cart” Game Cabinet

Hi, everyone! Long time no see! I took a quick break from posting while visiting my family in Kentucky for a few weeks. My Dad threw a surprise 50th anniversary party for my grandparents! We had a yummy Southern dinner and spent the night in a charming historic hotel in their small town. Here are some pictures from the weekend!

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I’m currently back home in Alta getting over a cold and celebrating our puppy’s first birthday! Today, I’m going to share our new board game/bar cart combo.


The Cabinet

A few weeks ago, Ben and I started looking for a practical and stylish way to store his board game collection. Ben wanted his games to be displayed and easily accessible on the main floor of our house.We have built-in cabinets that separate the living and dining rooms, but they are too narrow for most of his games. We also wanted the shelf or cabinet to double as a “bar cart”. We don’t keep our house stocked with enough things to fill a real bar cart with multiple shelves, so we decided to use the top of a cabinet instead.

On a recent trip to Ikea, we wandered each section looking for a piece that would fit these requirements. We looked at bookshelves, cubbies, bathroom cabinets, and even kitchen islands, but nothing seemed quite right. Enter, Craigslist! We don’t have a Craigslist section for our town, but I knew we were going to Des Moines that week and decided to take a look. I came across this beautiful Mid-Century cabinet listed for $145. It seemed perfect for our requirements and the style of our house, but was a little too pricey for us. We offered $100, and they accepted! When we picked up the cabinet, the man joked that he wished he had five of these cabinets because he received so many offers for full price after accepting our offer. (Score!)


The cabinet is a bit top heavy, but it is the perfect size to store Ben’s larger board games. The adorable little legs can either stand up straight, or be screwed in at an angle. The man that sold us the cabinet is an antique dealer that had a warehouse full of other vintage goodies. He told us that this piece was an authentic Mid-Century jelly cabinet! It was used to store canned goods in the kitchen.


The Fun Part- Styling!

On our visit to Tennessee, my grandma gave me these vintage Wexford decanters. She has a large collection of antique Wexford crystal. I brought them home as my carry-on for the plane. They were carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, and I was hoping the TSA wouldn’t make me unwrap them! (Thankfully I made it through no problem, so if you ever need to transport vintage decanters on a plane you should be in the clear!) I love the way the crystal looks with the gold mirrored tray and gold monogram glasses. Ben and I bought the mirrored tray for $3 at Goodwill when we visited Alta after Ben was hired at our church. I move it around the house a lot, but I love the vintage charm it adds here. I’ll eventually fill those decanters with gin and bourbon. Those are the only two things we really use to make our favorite drinks (Old Fashioned and Gin and Tonic). I’m thinking about making some fun yarn tassel tags for them!


I got the hobnail crystal shaker from Anthropologie for $6 on clearance! We’ve never used it, but I love how petite it is! The planter was an orange glass candle holder that I found for $5 at a thrift store. I spray painted the glass white and put an aloe plant inside for a West Elm inspired mod planter. I made the felt banner for the photo booth at our wedding. It cost one dollar to make and is one of my favorite DIY projects to date! I love the bold black and white lettering next to the soft, vintage looking bird print. (It’s a piece of wrapping paper from Amazon! The Ikea poster frame is a perfect fit.) The yellow billy balls are from my wedding bouquet! This bar cabinet is full of special pieces with character.

Tips for Styling your own Bar Cabinet

If you want to style a bar cabinet of your own, try mixing new, vintage, and handmade pieces for a one-of-a-kind vibe.

  1. Vintage crystal looks great paired with shiny gold accents and clear glassware. Put glassware in the front- you can see through it better!
  2. A vintage tray can add style and function to corral your glasses and decanters.
  3. Balance the look by mixing crystal, glassware, and ceramic pieces together.
  4. Add height with vintage books so everything isn’t on the same level. When styling a shelf, incorporate books or vintage tins to create different levels instead of setting things in a single layer on the shelf.
  5. Plants! Enough said.

I’ve curated a collection of accessories and tools from Target if you’d like to create a bar shelf of your own! I am a Target affiliate, which means I will receive a small percent commission if you decide to purchase any Target products through one of these links.

| White Cabinet | Wood & Rattan Cabinet | Succulent in White Stand |

| Succulent with Wood Accent | Wood Tray- Hearth and Hand Magnolia | Gold Tray |

| Modern Decanter | Lowball Crystal Glass | Gold Wine Glass | Marble Coasters |


If you aren’t into barware and board games are more your speed, here are some of our favorites! My husband loves board games more than any person I’ve ever met. His collection fits in this cabinet, but will probably outgrow this space soon! (These are Amazon affiliate links. We love all of these games!)

Ben’s 3 Favorite Games

1. Scythe 2. Above and Below 3. Captain Sonar

Avery’s 3 Favorite Games

1. Code Names 2. Herbaceous 3. Coup


We love this new corner of the dining room! If you like the idea or the style of a bar cart, but don’t have enough things to make one, just use the top of a cabinet!

Thanks for reading! Do you have a bar cabinet? Do you enjoy board games as much as my husband?!?! (Probably not!)

In case you missed it, here’s a link to my last post, Are Your Living Room’s Pants Too Tight?

Have a great Wednesday. You can follow me on Instagram for snapshots of daily life and styling tips.


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