This & That No.1

Each Friday, I’ll share a collection of enjoyable and educational content from around the Internet. A little bit of this, and a little bit of that! Here are some things I’m loving this week.

An Etsy shop that will make your house out of Legos!

Freeing and intriguing thoughts on minimalism

These stunning Dutch tulip fields

Extra Virgin posts from

This sweatshirt is my new uniform. It is so soft!

Keeping an eye on current events in Turkey and Syria. Ben’s parents live in Turkey and I try to keep up with their news. BBC is my favorite news source for global current events.

Hilary Duff’s home tour. ALL the heart eyes for this one! I once considered myself to be Hilary Duff’s #1 fan. After seeing this home tour, I think I can still proudly stand by that claim. Every detail is absolutely gorgeous.

This tweet

That’s all for this week! I don’t have any big plans for this weekend, which is the way I like it. What are you clicking recently?


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