Do You Use Essential Oils?

I received my Young Living starter kit in the mail today! After smelling my friend’s bottle of Thieves last year, I’ve wanted a kit of my own. Last week, my wonderful husband said we could order the starter kit! (yayyyy thank you, Ben!!!!)

I’ve been following Jessica Garvin (@jlgarvin) on Instagram for a while, and she has an account dedicated to oils (@grapefruitandgold). She shares diffuser blends and various uses for Young Living oils. (She also takes beautiful photos!)Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 2.51.05 PM.png

I’m currently diffusing Thieves and Lemon in my office and it smells HEAVENLY. I posted on Instagram this morning asking for your tips and favorite ways to use the oils. Here are a few suggestions I received!

From @michaela_joyjoy

  • “Lemon oil in ice water = AMAZE
  • Lavender oil on any red spots on the face
  • Panaway on any sore muscles after workouts
  • Thieves on the bottom of the feet for ample immune support
  • Frankincense rolled on face to support a healthy glow. Also, a drop in the palm of hands inhaled for anxiety relief
  • RC on chest for any upper respiratory problem support”

From @savannahjade07 (my cousin!)

  • “I clean with Thieves. I mix baking soda and thieves and sprinkle it on my carpets. It makes the room smell wonderful! I vacuum it obviously, lol.” (I probably would’ve just left it there, so I’m glad you mentioned the vacuuming part!)

Those are some great tips! Do you use essential oils? If so, do you have any favorite uses or diffuser blends? Comment below or on my latest Instagram post if you do! 

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  1. make sure to read up from varying perspectives on ingesting oils. it’s very simple to add a splash of lemon juice or a squeeze of fresh lemon to water instead of ingesting such strong [and expensive!] oils. — lots out there on this, but it’d be good for you to have a chance to decide what’s best after learning a bit more.

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