Are You A Curious Woman?

Are you a curious woman?

The fact that you clicked on this post leads me to believe that you are in fact a curious woman. That’s good news, because it means you’re in the right place.

In years past, a curious woman read newspaper columns, Good Housekeeping, and Emily Post etiquette books for education and enjoyment. The modern curious woman has traded newspaper columns and magazines for lifestyle blogs and Instagram. But the more things change, the more they stay the same. Today’s curious woman may learn in different ways, but she still believes that every day is an opportunity to grow. To learn something new. To start a new conversation.

The old-fashioned word “intelligentsia” referred to a group of people who formed an artistic, social, or political elite. The intelligentsia were the educated “creme de la creme” of society, who held the power to shape culture. In our modern world, where intelligence is often at the tips of your fingers, culture-shaping is no longer reserved for the social elite.

Culture-shaping is now within the reach of every woman, and the curious woman is one who embraces that responsibility. The curious woman asks questions, and is eager to expand her understanding of the world around her. The curious woman starts conversations about things that matter, and doesn’t shy away from what she doesn’t know.

The Internet has provided us with an incredible tool to share life and stories and wisdom. We are given countless opportunities every day to decide how to steward this tool and wield it well. The way we choose to consume and contribute to the Internet will affect the potential influence we can have in our culture. Jesus says that wherever your treasure is, your heart will be there also. We must carefully monitor how the internet affects what we treasure. We can use the Internet to escape from reality, and constantly compare ourselves to other women. Or, we can use the Internet to connect with other women, and encourage one another to have influence and shape culture right where we’re at. We can use the Internet to tear one another down, or we can use it to build one another up. We can use the Internet to withdraw, or we can use it to cultivate curiosity and growth. We can use it to treasure material things, or we can use it as a tool to connect with other women who treasure Jesus.

I love writing, and I enjoyed writing posts about home projects and homemaking here on Holland Avenue Home. But when I thought about what I love reading on the internet, I realized that I love walking away from a post or a discussion having learned something new. When I considered how to combine these two loves, writing and learning, I had the idea to use this internet platform to encourage curious women to grow and learn every day. To create a space where curious women can connect over shared passions.

Here on Holland Avenue, you’ll continue to see posts about homemaking and the things I’m learning as a young adult and young wife. But, I’m also eager to expand the range of content to tell the stories of women that shape culture and follow Jesus in counter-cultural ways. We will talk about forming healthy habits and living with a biblical perspective in a tumultuous culture. I’ll share interesting content and resources from around the internet that I find educational and enjoyable. This site already has a strong following of women that I believe to be bright and full of potential to influence homes, communities, and culture for the better. My hope is that this corner of the internet will serve you and encourage you to be a sort of modern intelligentsia- a community of college girls and moms and young wives and every woman in between that shapes culture and sees every day as an opportunity to learn and grow.

With so much love,

your friend Avery







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