Under $10 DIY: Shoes

Before moving to rural Iowa, I loved wandering into a craft store to see what I could create. The options in a craft store are pretty endless. You can embroider or paint or even glue things onto other things! Art! Whatever “getting crafty” looks like for you, craft stores are sure to provide ready-made tools and supplies to get you going. Sometimes, most of the work is already done and you just have to assemble a few pieces in order to feel like you’ve accomplished something. I don’t have anything against this kind of crafting. I love it. But what I’ve discovered after almost a year of living in a rural area is that “crafting” looks a little different here. The area I live in doesn’t have a Michaels or a Hobby Lobby nearby, so I no longer have the luxury of wandering into a craft store “just to see what I might find.” Planned projects take more effort, too. If I can’t find supplies online, then I have to wait until the occasional weekend trip to Sioux City or Des Moines (both over an hour away). At first this reality was a little sad (this girl loves her craft stores!) but recently I have decided to embrace this challenge and prioritize resourcefulness over creativity. Being resourceful looks like creatively using what you have available. Isn’t that what “being creative” is supposed to be anyways? You can’t buy creativity at Hobby Lobby. And when your resources are limited, this becomes even more true.

So last week when I had a few extra minutes in Walmart, I wandered around the same way I used to wander through Michaels on an empty afternoon. I was so surprised at the things I found when I looked at them through resourceful eyes. The placemats became pillow covers and the plain sunhats became something straight out of an Anthropologie catalog. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some super simple DIY projects that can all be completed with access to a Walmart (for all of my crafty rural ladies!). Each project is under $10, and most can be completed with no sewing skills.

First up: canvas shoes! I walked through the shoe department and literally saw blank canvas. These white canvas slides are the perfect candidate for my “under $10” DIY. The hardest part of this project was deciding what to write. After I made that call, it took about two minutes.


Supplies (from Walmart):

After debating between a list of phrases, I decided to write “C’est Bon!” (It’s Good! in French). I sketched out the lettering on a piece of paper first, and then sketched it lightly in pencil on the shoes.


Then I traced over my pencil tracing with the fine tip end of my black fabric marker. You don’t need to press down very hard to get a clean line.


Some other ideas for two word phrases are:

  • Hello+There
  • Hi+Hello
  • Hello+Goodbye
  • Right+Left
  • Joie de+Vivre (joy of life in French_
  • Bonjour+Au Revoir (Hello Goodbye in French_
  • Creme de+La Creme (cream of the cream in French, aka best of the best!)
  • Week+End
  • Halle+lujah

I might spray the shoes with Scotchguard to waterproof them. But until then, I’ll just avoid wearing them on rainy days!

There are some ideas to get you started! This is probably the easiest DIY project I’ve ever done. I totally have confidence in your ability to do it, too! When you get floods of compliments on your new shoes, you can reply with confidence “I made them!”


Thanks for reading! I would love to see what you create! If you decide to do this project, post a picture on Instagram and tag @hollandavenue !

With love, 


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