Bathroom Update: After

A few weeks ago, I shared some before pictures of our upstairs bathroom. (You can read that post here if you missed it!) My design plan included painting the walls and vanity with leftover paint, replacing the hardware with leftover knobs from the kitchen, and replacing a few accessories. My only expenses were a $30 shower curtain, a $19 rug, and two $5 towel hooks. For $54, some leftover paint, and a few days of hard work, we have a new bathroom!

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Here is a reminder of what the bathroom looked like before. Purple-ish walls, a random shower curtain, and three different off-white neutrals between the floor, vanity, and countertop.

bathroom 2bathroom 3bathroom 4bathroom 5bathroom


Aaaand after $60 and determination, the final result!


The red runner rug is from Wayfair.


The gold hardware was leftover from our kitchen update. I bought them from Amazon for about $1 a piece.


The white shower curtain is also from Wayfair.


The hexagon towel hook was $5 on sale at Hobby Lobby, and the gray turkish towel is from Amazon. I made the canvas hanging above the towel rack. It is just gold sharpie on a plain black canvas! I love the way that it accents the black trim on the window frame.



I knew I wanted an oil landscape painting above the toilet, but figured it might be a while before I got lucky enough to find one in a thrift store. I’m so glad I was wrong! I found this one hanging way up high in a thrift store in Storm Lake and brought it home for $7.

Here are some close-up detail shots of different things around the room. Other than the new shower curtain, rug, and towel hook, everything else came from other places in my home!


I used this mirrored tray (goodwill $3) to corral all of my daily pretties. It used to be in the living room, but I love the gold accent it adds to the new bathroom! I found other mixed metals around the house to incorporate on the tray. I mixed practicality with style by pairing my jewelry dish, perfume bottle, and a concrete vase with gold leaf and fake roses.


We replaced the light fixture a few months ago. The old one was a fluorescent light like the ones they put in schools. (Not pleasant lighting for a bathroom or doing makeup!) We found this cool customizable pendant fixture at Lowes. You pick out the top fixture and the shade style separately. We loved the cage-style pendants with Edison bulbs. It is a great industrial accent that still feels cozy and warm.IMG_8681

Style meets function. Store your extra TP in a cute basket!


I found this jewelry box at an antique store in Carthage Missouri. It is the perfect size for my favorite pieces!


The “hooray” banner is a DIY piece from the photobooth at our wedding. I used sturdy black felt for the pennant and cut the letters out of white felt with a sticky back. So easy and fun!


There were two silver towel hooks on this wall. I took them down, patched the holes, and replaced them with this vintage looking hook from Hobby Lobby.




The counters used to look dated and out of place with the white vanity and purple walls. The neutral counters paired with a different neutral vanity and a third neutral flooring made every element look dated. Compared to the ivory vanity, the counters and the floors both looked dingy. Painting the vanity black helped to visually break up the mix of neutrals. The counters look fresh and modern after being paired with something visually contrasting. Instead of changing out the dated counters, I designed around them. I am very happy with the result! We saved money by working with elements that didn’t need to be replaced.


A squirrel figurine from my dear friend, Meegan.


In college, Ben and I would trade tiny letters back and forth. I loved writing tiny letters on tiny pieces of paper, complete with an address, tiny stamp, and return address. Ben’s brother in law made me this tiny mailbox, which now makes the perfect happy container for Q-tips!


Vintage painting of the Charles Bridge in Prague. I’ve traveled to Prague a few times, and am reminded of my travels every time I see this tiny painting! The yellow glass is from the same flea market as the Prague painting. We used it to take communion at our wedding.


That’s it for our $60 bathroom update! Eventually I would like to put bamboo roman shades in the window, but for now these white blinds work just fine!

bathroom 2


Thanks for reading!

How do you save money when updating your home? Do you have any projects going on right now? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

With love, 




White Shower Curtain from Wayfair (full price $79.99. I purchased for $30)



Red Rug from Wayfair


Gold Hardware from Amazon Prime


Gray turkish towel from Amazon Prime

Hexagon Towel Ring from Hobby Lobby


Towel Hook from Hobby Lobby






2 thoughts on “Bathroom Update: After

  1. It is amazing how a bit of hard work goes a long way. You have so many cute touches- I love the q-tips in the mailbox! It is small home decor touches such as that, which make a space come together! Have you thought of switching out the facets in the bathroom? Either matte black or gold fixtures would really complete this space, in my humble opinion!

  2. Avery, such a lovely job! I’m struck by how the in wall heating unit under the window now appears as an art form– due to the vanity’s new color. I also love how the vanity top — which appeard dated– now looks wonderful! Great job of being a good steward of resources–keeping “out dated” items and re-imagining them. Talk about transformation . . . 🙂

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