Bathroom Design Plan

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Before we moved into our house, a few of the deacons (who are now our best friends here!) asked us what color they should paint the bathroom. I answered quickly without thinking.

“Ummm… light grey?”

I was trying not to be picky or difficult. We’ve joked about it with them now, but the color they picked wasn’t exactly light grey. When I saw the color, my only reaction was, “Oh.”

I can understand how the color might’ve looked light grey on the swatch, but once it was in our weirdly lit bathroom it was more of a lavender/baby blue. Ben swears it is blue, and I swear it is purple. Either way, it wasn’t grey! We had a similar experience with our shower curtain. Ben and I were at Target with a gift card before we got married, trying to pick out a few things Ben would need while living in our house before the wedding. We needed to pick out a shower curtain, so I grabbed one that was grey and yellow and white (some of my favorite colors) because it was on clearance. I didn’t really think about the decision much, and I don’t hate the one I picked. But after living with lavender walls and a random curtain pattern for about nine months, I decided to make a few simple changes that will have major design impact.

Here are some pictures of what our bathroom looks like now.



There it is! There’s nothing wrong with the current bathroom. It doesn’t need any major updates or fixes. We replaced the fluorescent light fixture a few months ago with a cool industrial pendant that I love. This room was not well planned, and therefore looks like a random combination of objects. (lavender walls, blue fuzzy bath mat, random curtain, a few art prints). I like all of these things individually, but together they look unintentional and random.

I asked Ben for $50 to give our bathroom a makeover, and I’m really happy with what I’ve found! (The $50 does not include the paint we already had leftover in our house, so it would be more like $90 if you had to buy new paint.)

Here is my design plan for the updated look. I’m calling it a “bathroom refresh” because, like the other rooms in our home, it did not require major “renovations”- just a few simple switches.

Untitled_Artwork 15.jpg

I will be using leftover white paint on all of the walls, trim, and back of the door. I’ll use leftover matte black paint from our guest room to paint the vanity, and leftover hardware from the kitchen to replace the current knobs. In the mockup, I included a light fixture similar to the one we already have, and similar countertops since those will stay the same.

The only purchases I made were the red rug and white shower curtain from Wayfair. The rug is a 1’8 x 4’11 runner that will fit perfectly in front of the vanity. It was on sale for $19! I looked for a vintage Turkish kilim rug, but those were all wayyy out of my price range. The shower curtain was on sale for $33 (originally $80) and has thin grey stripes on the bottom. If I can find an inexpensive one, I would like to include a simple grey hand towel. I plan to “shop my house” for accessories and decor that match the new look.

I started painting the bathroom last night, and the rug+curtain will be here in a few days!

That’s my design plan, and I’m stickin’ to it! I’ll share some progress photos on Instagram (@hollandavenue) and the update here when it is finished.

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