DIY Boxwood Wreath + Free Printable

Hi, friends! I took a short break from writing and posting in order to focus on my business, Holland Avenue Paper Co. I’ve been working hard to release a brand new collection and launch all of the products on Etsy.

Here are some photos of the new collection. You can shop these designs (and more!) at

thank-you-mockup    you-are-pretty-mockup

hallelujah-etsy-mockup    oh-holy-night-mockup

youre-going-places-mockup    merry-christmas-etsy-mockup

Recently, I’ve been in a Christmas decorating frenzy. Since this is our first Christmas together, we have been collecting ornaments and decor to make our home super cozy. I have been crafting and making a lot of decorations by hand since we are on a budget.

So in the spirit of Christmas and craftiness, here are the instructions and printables to transform your door for $12.


First, the wreath. Boxwood wreaths are very expensive when bought preserved. Example A. Example B. I found this live boxwood wreath at Trader Joes for only $10. It comes with a wire frame in the back, which makes it easy to hang. My mom told me about a floral preserving spray (which is about $5 at Michaels or Hobby Lobby). I don’t have either of those stores in my town, so I’ll have to pick up a bottle next time I’m lucky enough to visit one 🙂

I added some red berry picks from Hobby Lobby (full price $1.68, but I bought them during a half off sale). I bent the picks a little to give them a nice rounded shape, and stuck the stems deep inside the form of the wreath.

The ribbon is actually a long scrap of fabric. Tying a pretty bow takes a lot of patience, but it can be done! I attached the bow to the wreath with a small paper clip.

If you’re keeping track, that’s a $10 wreath, two berry picks (about $1 each on sale), and a scrap of fabric! Use whatever you have on hand for the ribbon to keep this project right at $12. (Or pick a festive ribbon that can also be used for gift wrapping. I’m all about repurposing!)

I hand lettered the words on a piece of white card-stock and taped the paper directly on my door. There is a free printable with the lettering at the end of this post! I included the file that will print the words in the correct size for a Trader Joe’s boxwood wreath.

There are three additional files containing this lettering in different styles! (plain black and white, sparkly gold lettering, and a chalkboard). It is set up as an 8.5 x 11 file that you can print from home (or at an office supply store), then trim down to fit in an 8×10 frame. Click on the image you would like to print. The image will open in a new tab. Right click and save the image to your computer, then print on white cardstock.

That’s all for this project! What is your favorite way to decorate for Christmas? Do you have any tried-and-true DIY’s or traditions? I would love to read your thoughts in the comments!


With love, Avery


Wreath Size Lettering


Black and White Print    Gold Print


Chalkboard Print

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