Road Trip Trail Mix

Today, Ben and I are making the long trip from Iowa to Louisville! I wanted to pack some healthy road trip snacks that would also be sweet and yummy. I scoured Pinterest for granola and trail mix recipes, but couldn’t find any that sounded great. Then I realized- I can mix whatever I want! Duh! This trail mix has all of the traditional ingredients (nuts, grains, dried fruit, and chocolate). Ben and I used what we already had in our pantry and made a list of things we wanted to buy and add. All of these ingredients came from Walmart! A lot of healthy recipes I find on Pinterest call for ingredients I just can’t find in rural Iowa grocery stores (Example: Organic Unicorn Tears sold exclusively at Whole Foods) Just kidding… but I feel that way sometimes.

My goal with sharing recipes isn’t to tell you exactly how to make something. Anyone can make trail mix, and it’s pretty impossible to mess up. Instead, I want to share my ideas and encourage you to be fearless with experimenting! I have a tendency to go straight to Pinterest when I need recipe ideas, and I get discouraged when I can’t find the “perfect” one (as if it exists somewhere out in the wild). Don’t be afraid to blaze your own trail (or trail mix, ha!).

Here’s what I included in ours.

road trip trail mix.jpg

Pick out some ingredients that you and your spouse/friend/family can agree on, and dump them into a large tupperware container. Give it a few good shakes and turns to combine them well. Ben doesn’t like dark chocolate or cranberries, so I left those out of the initial mixing. I mixed enough to fill six small ziplock bags. After adding the mix to all six bags, I added the dark chocolate and cranberries to my half of them. Ben’s mix had milk chocolate chips and a lot of cashews. Mine was heavy on almonds, dark chocolate, and dried fruit.

I hope that this encourages you to try something new and experiment with food prep outside of a recipe! Identify the ingredients that you love, and create something new to fit your personal tastes. You can do it!

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