Almost Autumn


almost-autumnIf you are like me, you’ve been ready for Autumn since last November. Summer is great, but I think that everything is better in the fall. Temperatures become cooler and drinks become hotter. Outfits get cozier and baking becomes more frequent. One of my friends recently posted on Facebook about making pumpkin and cinnamon flavored things despite temperatures being in the upper 80’s. Her hashtag “#forcingtheseasononmyhousehold” sums up exactly how I feel every September. I’m antsy for the leaves to change, but the thermometer has other plans.

It was a cool morning here in Iowa, so I wore my new yellow sweater to go play violin for a chapel service at the senior living home. By the time Ben and I went out for lunch in the afternoon, the temperature was up to 80 degrees and the sweater was unnecessary. I was glad I had on a flowy tanktop underneath. I paired this combo with dark skinnies, gold accents, and lace up flats. Here are some photos and links to this cozy, transitional outfit.

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 7.50.33 PM.png


Sweater  from Target + Tank from Old Navy + Necklace from World Market (similar)

Flats from Payless + Skinnies from Aeropostale + Tote from Old Navy

One last note about the flats. A few months ago, I saw this pair at Anthropologie and fell in love. Their $178 price tag was completely out of the question. Even after they went on sale for $70, it was still too much to spend for a trend. I tried on a similar pair at Old Navy a few days ago. They are a more affordable version of the lace-up trend, but the long twisty laces didn’t look right on me. I found this pair (pictured) today at Payless for only $15! They give the lace-up look without twisting around my ankles and being uncomfortable.

If you see a trend you’d like to try, wait around and do some research first. You can probably find a similar, more affordable version with patience and determination.

This tank and sweater combo will be my go-to for the coming weeks. What are your favorite transitional fall pieces?

Thanks for reading! 



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Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 7.50.33 PM.png



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